Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Sweater

Working, not living at your parent's place, and putting yourself through school make you a fairly strong individual. It also makes you a fairly broke individual. That said, I'm obsessed with buying apparel! Like most 20 something year old Fashion related ladies. Thrifting only came naturally, a cheap way to feed my habit. Los Angeles is full of obvious and hidden second hand gems. You just have to look. It's easy to hit up the vintage shop go through pre approved pieces and spend $50 on a sweater. Where's the hunt? Go to Van Nuys and sift through racks after racks of shit with bag ladies and former crack addicts. Then 30 minutes in pull out this American Flag sweater. Pair it with shoes that cost more than 10X your entire outfit, Yeah Buddy! 

Sweater, collared shirt, belt (worn as necklace): Thrifted. Shoes: Steve Madden "shazzam"

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