Tuesday, July 31, 2012

School House Rock

Jeffrey Campbell's "Lindy" is the cutest effing saddle shoe I have ever laid eyes on. Urban Outfitters had them on sale. Being the shoe junkie that I am...a few days later they arrived on my doorstep. Although they have a wide range of options for a statement shoe. I wanted their first paring to be sort of retro/ school inspired. This of course did not mean I dress like a stripper's interpretation of a catholic school girl. Just taking a few elements. Crisp collared shirt. Short but, clean silhouetted skirt. A school inspired jacket, and of course the saddle shoe's best friend, ankle socks. My actual school bag was thrown in the mix too...for school purposes, I guess. The finished look?! Yay, not a stripper! Just a something a bit fun.

Jacket & Skirt: Forever 21, Shirt: Wasteland

Jeffrey Campbell "Lindy" shoes: Urban Outfitters, Socks: Forever 21, Vintage Coach bag: Thrifted.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Highlighters and Sunburns.

A recent trip to the beach left my ghostly white legs, crisp. Through no fault but my own, they were exposed to ridiculous unprotected hours of sun. Thanks to my dad, I've got some Latin spice. I tan like a mo fo. Therefor my burnt legs quickly turned to a rad base tan. Just in time to enjoy the summer sun wearing colors that compliment a tan. NEON! While breaking at work I wandered into a 3rd st. promenade shoe store. Iced coffee in hand I roamed the floor, admiring, but no plans to purchase. Wouldn't you know it, I spotted something irresistible. Patent leather oxfords in a few colors. One of those colors, a beautiful neon pink. At 50% off of $50...there was no question. Highlighter shoes and the starts of a summer tan. Happy camper.

Blazer: H&M, Neon top: Thrifted, Lace shorts: Thrifted, Necklace: Forever 21.

Hot pink oxfords: DB shoes, Santa Monica.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Badass Revival

I spent part of my teenage years attending punk shows in my town on a weekly basis. All dolled up, with fishnets and a red mohawk. Feeling like a badass when I would be told by older women how pretty I was, then asked why would I do "That" to myself. "That" being my hair and a variety of facial piercings. Possibly my shaved eyebrows as well...In any case I liked it. Identifying as a punk rock girl, rather than the girls that tried too hard to be considered "pretty". Years down the rode here I am grown up a bit, but still punk rock at heart. The strange part is that the identity I cherished as a youth, is now "trending". The fact that I bought this shirt from Wasteland says a lot about what is available to fashion fiends. Ripped tights, band tees, colored hair, black lipstick, studded EVERYTHING. Sure it would have bothered me as kid. Feeling the scene you identify with being stolen. As an adult, I oddly enough find it charming. Girls putting holes in their clothing and shaving parts of their head to identify as "pretty". It's okay, keep it trashy :) All I can say is I sure hope the girls buying Slayer shirts off Nastygal know how to headbang.

Sheer Pink Dress: Cotton On, Black Flag Tee: Wasteland, JC Lita "España": Solestruck, Sunnies: eBay

Jacket: Forever 21

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Boot Math

Lita was neither cheap, nor thrifted. She was $160 of well spent dough. Although it was not my first JC purchase, it was indeed my first stomp into the shoe cult that is "Lita". The perfect black bootie (pun...intention? where?) I felt was what my collection of goods was missing. I lusted after UNIF's "Hellbound" like a crazed stalker. Talked myself out of it because those mutha effas is tall for everyday use... oh and $242. The all black Lita, always sold out and I wasn't entirely in love with the look. Then Solestruck drops Lita "España". The collection of minorly adjusted spanish boots was FLAWLESS. The all black (heel included) was too perfect to pass. When they arrived I was majorly impressed with the quality. The suede was perfect, the height was perfect, and more importantly the fit was...you guessed it, perfect. Aaaannnd the award for most practical stunner goes to, Lita España!

So it's been over a month and I've worn em everywhere from dancing, to shopping. The suede just gets better the more you beat it up. So what next? I asked myself. Another pair of Lita's? Ummm no. Bitches got bills to pay! Experiment with your shoes ladies (and gentlemen). To keep my shoe marriage fresh, I spiced things up a bit. So here you have it. Some Lita inspiration. Shoe math. 1 pair 4 ways.

Pink Laces: H&M, Highlighter socks: Urban Outfitters
Green Laces: H&M, Ruffle Socks: Forever 21

Grey Laces: taken from my Nike Dunks, Fishnets: Halloween store

Shiny thigh highs: eBay, JC "Lita España" (the way she comes): Solestruck

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I won't throw it away.

There is a top in my closet that I just cant seem to let go of. It is a white, over sized American Apparel "Sexuality" Tshirt. It started as the softest most glorious piece of cotton I had, viscose to be exact. Over time and a shit load of washes the shirt completely lost it softness but remained flowy and glorious. I cut the hem into a high low sort of deal. It was cool. Holes began forming in a few spots, some of which were small stains that I simply cut out. Further down the road the shirt looked nothing like the beautiful tee, I'd purchased years before. So I gave it yet another transformation. Bingo! Like another shirt again. It hung even more lovely. Oh the ratty shirt that just keeps giving. Sure to most it looks like I'm wearing a cleaning rag, but I know better. Most people have that thing they just won't throw away and nobody seems to know why. Don't throw it away. Keep it until it's hanging by a thread. Here is how I wear mine.

Jacket: Forever 21, Shorts: Thrifted & altered, 80's Pumps: Thrifted. All paired with my ratty little AA tee.

Blouse: Thrifted, Leggings: American Apparel, Booties: Dolce Vita for Target. Again, paired with my little ragga muffin top.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Entirely Thrifted, and grown up.

Thrifted from head to toe, while remaining put together. Yes my friends it can be done. A lot of what attracts my second hand eyeballs are pieces that stand out in a quirky way. Funny t-shirts, retro dresses, ultra distressed denim, 90's anything, ect. Occasionally though,  I look for pieces that wouldn't be accessorized with cheap beer and grungy Instagram filters. I look for items to be a grown up in. That way your grandma doesn't  have to ask you what "Slayer" is at her birthday luncheon. You can attend a baby shower with out feeling like "that one friend so and so has". Sure this can simply be done by going to a Macy's or shopping love 21. The thrifting option is just more challenging. And you know what happens when you conquer a challenge...You feel like a straight up G or a champ or like you saved some dough. Here is what that might look like.

Blazer, Blouse, Pants, Heels: Thrifted.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outer, under garments.

Ahhh, the bustier. It's ability to shape, push, and conceal is what has attracted women to this undergarment for decades. The eighties hit and pop culture had women opting to wear their underwear on the outside. A trend that would continue into the early nineties. As fashion history always does, 20 years later the bustier repeats itself. The great thing is that as a non bone baring lady, the bustier is very forgiving. So while the weather kicks ass and it's not a "fat" day pulling it off feels good. Although I wont be wearing my outside bra to my grandma's. I'll for sure continue to experiment with my bustier's  versatility. Here it is pretty plain and simple, sporting it to a Downtown L.A. bar helped lessen the hooker feeling. Try it you might like it.

Bustier: Somewhere in my older sister's closet, Cutoffs: Thrifted, Hat: Target, Necklace: F21, Booties: Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So Basically...

Hello! After a brief (brief, like 12 days brief) hiatus from the blog world, I'm glad to post again. We all have our favorite outfit staples. Mine, or rather one of my vices, is black stockings. I wear them constantly. Usually with short shorts and an oversized top. You know the, "hey look ma! no pants!" look. To me it's super comfy. I also however adore basics and the comfort they bring. So much, that my drawers are full of them. Except in my case, I try them on purchase them, tell myself I'm GOING to put some pants on, then do nothing of the sort. I reminded myself, yet again, of what a great canvas jeans and basics are. I pulled out some jeans, t-shirts, an ever wonderful crewneck sweatshirt, and went at it. Just in time for spending p.m. hours outdoors...you know patios, Bar patios, Apt. patios for dinner BBQ's that involve more liquid refreshment than food...yeah those outdoors. And if you have a platform collection like mine, and spend most of your daytime in bike gear, you best believe I'm super happy to dress jeans up with heels whenever the chance arises :)

Crewneck and distressed clutch: Thrifted, Jeans: On the cheap at Banana Republic (then sewed skinny and slashed at home), New Era Snapback: eBay, Hardly Visible necklace: Forever 21, Steve Madden platforms: Gifted.

"Sasha Grey" Tee: American Apparel, Jeans and invisible wedges: Forever 21, Belt and Bag: Thrifted.

Sleeveless Tee: Urban Outfitters, Jeans/ heels/ necklace: Forever 21, Antique cuff: gifted, Bag: Rosarito, Mexico.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Taking your clothes apart. A Diy story.

Feeling the want for something new is not so great when your also feeling low on funds. A remedy? Craftiness and stuff you don't wear often. Perfect specimens for dissecting and re-working. I was feeling inspired by a jacket I had seen in an Urban Outfitters catalogue. Leather sleeves attached to a denim jacket. I went through my closet and found a vest that was cute but had long been hanging. Also had a forever 21 pleather bomber that I had been wanting to use for something. Without thinking twice I took the sleeves off and went to work. An added bonus was having the leftover sleeveless jacket, which I've decided that I will sew some sleeves on, from a military jacket I have. Presto! Another contrast sleeved jacket (will be a separate Diy post). I wanted to change the Urban inspired jacket up a bit, so I did a summer night friendly bare shouldered version. You could really go either way. So here is a bit on how to do your own. Enjoy :)

Vest: Thrifted and bleached at home, Sleeves: Former Forever 21 jacket

The Finished Jacket! Top (under jacket): Forever 21, Sheer Maxi Skirt: Urban Outfitters (clearance)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dark Days, Dark Outfits.

I have awful luck with my car, after a freeway blowout, my little black baby Aveo had a piece of her face (bumper) ripped off. Therefore in a Victorian fashion, I had to throw on some black lace and black jewelry to mourn the loss of 1/4 of my car's bumper. It's also not 1887, so I tossed in a silky blush blouse and a ratty Subhumans tank. Looking for an opportunity to feel better, I put on a towering pair of DIY spike booties I did a while back. I ordered the shoes and disliked them. Returning would be a huge hassle so I kept them, collecting dust on my shoe rack. After ordering some heavy duty cone spikes. I was in search of things to put holes in. Decided the shoes would be perfect to experiment on. I banged out some holes and screwed the spikes in. Holy Shit! I fell in love, a sad shoe story gone happy. The booties went from dust bunnies to the foot equivalent of death metal. Wish I could do the same for my car. Poke a few holes, hammer a few bits, and make her happy again. Sigh. Anyways, here is a reflection of my mood.

Blouse: Thrifted, Subhumans Top: Wasteland (then customized by me), Lace Maxi & Cross: Forever 21

DIY Spiked Booties: eBay, then customized by me, with cone spikes from studsandspikes.com

Friday, May 4, 2012

Shady Business

As sunshine time grows nearer and nearer so does sunshine accessorise time. Dodger stadium anyone? Throw some shade on your face with hats and glasses. I love that I've been seeing girls sporting the boyfriend inspired classic, Baseball hats. I'm a bicycle maniac (enthusiast), which is probably the reason behind sporty shit forming a special little place in my heart. Whatever it is, a hint of tomboy is just irresistible. Mini & midi dresses, platforms, sneakers, shorts, maxi's, jeans, stockings, sweaters...I could go on about the things baseball hats add statement to. Here are the two newest additions to my collection of head gear, that I'm pretty damn sure my boyfriend is becoming jealous of.

Blank New Era Hat & Oversized Roundies: on the cheap from ebay, Tank: American Apparel (factory store)

Floral 5 panel hat: Urban Outfitters for $9.99, Cateye Glasses: ebay, Tshirt: Forever 21

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wearing your pajamas outside.

Pajama dressing head to toe looks rad, if your a model. Regular people look like their, well, wearing pajamas in public. I'm a regular girl and dammit, I want to wear pajamas. So here was my solution. Tucking the top in, a solid pajama top and printed bottoms, accessories, and heels. Here are two ways of turning sleep wear into go somewhere...wear.

Top & Bottom: Thrifted

Same thrifted top & bottom.

Elderly woman accessories. Shoes: Target, Glasses and Bangles: Forever 21, Necklace & Vintage Watch: Gifted

Accessories for being a badass. Jacket: Gifted, Shoes: Shiekh, Belt: Thrifted, Glasses: Forever 21.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Boots I couldn't say no to.

Low on funds, shopping for baby shower gift. Not really the right circumstances for shoe purchasing. Unless you see a pair of shoes at the end of a room, from a distance, that are calling your name. You reach them and realize it's a pair of Steve Madden booties you had lusted after during the holidays, with a bold green tag that reads: 70% off. One pair of formerly $170  size 6.5 stompers left, for fifty effing one dollars. I had no choice. I happily shoved my guilty purchase into my backpack and rode my bike home with the extra weight, on my back...as well as my mind. Today's shitty weather was perfect for piling my teddy bear coat onto a loosely knit sweater and lace shorts. The booties shortly followed.

Faux Fur Coat: thrifted for 3.99, Sweater: Forever 21, Lace Shorts: Victoria's Secret (from the 90's).

Booties: Steve Madden "Armenda" (they will forever haunt me, until my next guilty purchase)

Friday, April 27, 2012

High School Hellcat.

It's friday! What better way to look than, rebellious 1950's teenager out to get wasted with her boyfriend and gang. Okay maybe I don't look like a teenager or drunk, but I was feeling rather Cry Baby'esque. That's one of the million rad things about thrifted apparel. You can find any era among the racks. Allowing you to be whoever you feel like for the day.

Sunnies: Super cheap Ebay purchase, Jacket & pants: Forever 21, Top & shoes: Thrifted

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Urban Finds.

Urban Outfitters is your friend. I will openly and honestly say that a huge portion of the apparel at UO is severely overpriced. A lot of garments are equal to Forever 21(whom I LOVE because the prices are right)  quality wise yet cost up to 3x more. That's where clearance comes in. Urban Outfitters is my favorite for clearance shopping. A pretty damn good percentage of the full priced items I'm into hit the clearance rack fairly quick. Good for me, bad for the ladies that see their $50 top for $14.99 a month after purchase. Here are the glorious items I walked out with today. 3 items 30 minutes a $40 outfit ($45 w/ thrifted shorts). Now I'm just waiting for Los Angeles to give some Los Angeles weather to wear it in.

$9.99 Each, YES.


Shoes Top and Kimono style blouse: Urban Outfitters, Cutoff's: Thrifted, Vintage Accessories: Gifts

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Black and Bright.

Black is my favorite. Brights are not. Hints of brightness? Yes please. Was thrifting blazers like a maniac a few months ago. When I looked in my closet and realized what a suit jacket hoarding maniac I'd become, I got rid of some. Others I kept because they were obviously rad finds. The rest, I reconstructed. This vest was an enormous blazer. I fitted it a little, and took off the sleeves to create over sized armholes. Perfect for brightly colored arms to sprout out of. Couldn't leave my feet out of the party, so they got bright too.

Blouse and Vest (DIY): Thrifted, Hat and socks: Target, Necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Shiekh

Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Sweater

Working, not living at your parent's place, and putting yourself through school make you a fairly strong individual. It also makes you a fairly broke individual. That said, I'm obsessed with buying apparel! Like most 20 something year old Fashion related ladies. Thrifting only came naturally, a cheap way to feed my habit. Los Angeles is full of obvious and hidden second hand gems. You just have to look. It's easy to hit up the vintage shop go through pre approved pieces and spend $50 on a sweater. Where's the hunt? Go to Van Nuys and sift through racks after racks of shit with bag ladies and former crack addicts. Then 30 minutes in pull out this American Flag sweater. Pair it with shoes that cost more than 10X your entire outfit, Yeah Buddy! 

Sweater, collared shirt, belt (worn as necklace): Thrifted. Shoes: Steve Madden "shazzam"